How can I participate in the main Highlight The Style exhibition battle?

 You can enter one of our qualifiers that are happening either online or around the globe throughout the year to win a spot or get selected. You can find more info about qualifiers in the “upcoming events” section.

Can I do Boogaloo in Popping style?

No, Boogaloo and Popping are two separate styles at Highlight The Style.

Do I have to do only popping style in the popping category? Do I have to do only waving style in the waving category ? Do I have to do only robot style in the robot category? Etc...

YES. Highlight The Style focuses on highlighting the techniques of that particular style ONLY. So you have to be prepared to dig deeper and stay in the particular technique and essence of a certain style only.

How do I know the difference between what is and what is not part of a certain style?

 That’s why we have educational workshops with amazing teachers that can answer you these questions.

How can I stay in touch with Highlight The Style?

You can follow us on IG @highlightthestyle 

Are there any activities happening online before the main event?

YES. you can click on the “upcoming events” section where you will find all the details about our online activities until the official event planned in 2021 (date TBD).